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CD32 questions

I had no idea of where to post it, so here it goes...

I just found a guy who has a CD32 who he doesn't use (He said it was an amiga, but he didn't know the model.. when he checked it out, he saw it was a CD32.... yeah. the CD32 was sold OFICCIALY here, and some fools bought it, though it never had proper support here).

He said he's interested in sell it, as he doesn't use it for nothing, but he has no idea of its value.

How much should I pay for it?

And can I play floppy games with it, burning the games on a CD or something like that?

There would be no point for me to buy it just to play CD32 games (At least not for now, as I still don't have a vanilla Amiga).. but if I can play floppy games on it, then it could be my alternative to not have an Amiga at all.
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