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@blaze-f regarding Flashback, Psygore built a level selection option into the slave, so for the next version I'll give Flashback a menu all of it's own where you can select any start level.

Also regarding Alien 3, the reason I listed that request was I thought (perhaps incorrectly) that if you choose 2 button mode then it breaks the weapon selection button. Is it like that on yours?
No, you still can select weapon, but it does look very funny, because you change weapon and jump simultaneously.

Unlike Flashback, where 2 button option will crash controls, and you'll be unable to open inventory or use item.

Also, i forgot about Another World. This game can be play (except passwords - i can't remember whether they use a keyboard like Flashback or not) with Amiga CD32 joy without any slaves, but without separate button for jump it's not very comfortable to do. Is there any slaves for 2 button controls? It's very sad that this game doesn't have 2 button option.

P.S. Sorry about possible mistakes - i'm russian, and my english skills are mediocre. Except translation from english to russian

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