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Any chance of resolving "Early startup menu" BOOT problem (either with or without S-S button)? The same crash happens with software reboot (from WB when it wants to reboot e.g. due to HDToolBox changes or simply using reboot program (part of ClassicWB)).
It happens with mapped Kickstart 3.1 (written on ACA500) on both A500 and A500+ with CF cards inserted in any of slots (which otherwise boot correctly, just not from Early Menu).

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I tested all the options and CHIP RAM setting is not the reason, it happens even when trapdoor RAM is used as slow or with NO TRAPDOOR RAM at all.

I'll appreciate fixing it as ASAP, since it's essential functionality to be able to reboot Amiga from software or to boot from Early Startup Menu (to choose boot partition, etc.).

BTW. I know of the other ACA500 user who has same problem as me, although it doesn't happen with every ACA500, is this a hardware issue, or can be fixed (hopefully) by new firmware coming?

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