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Hey guys! I found this guy who lives not far from me in Rockhampton who has a big collection of old commodore computers.
He apparently hasn't got the heart to see people throw them away so he keeps them, and who can blame him!

I have been able to get his email address and have tried to contact him but have had no luck yet.
The reason being is i would like to see of he would sell some of them, especially the breadbox c64.

I thought i would share a picture i have found of what he has, it's quite an impressive collection even though the condition of them isn't so great.

Also in my home town of Gladstone i have gotten word of another retro pc collector who has a massive amount of old computers in storage.
Apparently he plans to one day make a museum with them.

From what i have heard he has a full shipping container full of 80's and 90's pc's
I am also going to try and get in contact with this guy to see what he has and if he wants to sell anything!
Edit- Thoughts like this have come to mind- [ Show youtube player ] Jokes!

I would also like to see if they know about EAB as they might like to join, that's if there not a member already!

Also in the pic i see an SX-64 in there

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