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Originally Posted by chocolate_boy View Post
Just for running terminal/bbs telnet services
Certainly, all you would need would be a disk (if you have a floppy drive for your CDTV) or CD with a terminal program (JRComm, etc..)
Then you just have a serial terminal to the Pi with a standard Linux shell.
From there, you can telnet to wherever you want...
Originally Posted by chocolate_boy View Post
and file transfers?
There are rz and sz programs for Linux.
I used those back in the day to transfer programs with my Amiga and Unix servers.
Basically, you download the files to the Linux box from your shell using Telnet (or minicomm or ??).
Then you use the sz command to "send" the file using ZModem to your Amiga.
As long as your Amiga terminal program of choice supports Z-modem, should be good.
I believe the Linux package you would need is lrzsz. You might also want something like minicomm on Linux probably, as I think it might be more compatible with BBSes????
(Been a while..)

p.s. I did this on my A500 with 1M RAM quite a lot, so memory shouldn't be an issue.. And that was with 1.3.
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