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Lentivector, I've confirmed issues with both NZ Story and SOTB3 that were my fault (and will be fixed in next release), however XP8 seems to work fine on my stock CD32. Can you please confirm it's definitely not working for you?

Edit: I see what you mean re: Shaq Fu, I think it only works with regular joysticks. I'll eliminate it from the next release.

Edit 2: I meant to ask, I couldn't find the "Speed" game you were referring to. If you find it, can you please send me a link? Cheers.

Edit 3: Confirmed copy protection with Doman, I'll see if I can find a cracked copy. (WHDLoad slave overcomes copy protection, but since the slave requires more memory than the CD32 has I need to use a traditionally installed copy).

Edit 4: Confirmed street rod 1-2 issues, it could be the same issue as Shaq Fu (ie, requires traditional joystick). I'll take them out of the next release.

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