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Hi all,


I am recently getting back into physical AMIGA's after I broke my 1200 back in around 1999 (MS and PC's ever since)

Anyhow. I recently got a vintage 80MB 2.5" Hard Drive. It would not boot on my new 1200, it spun up etc but did not sound too good. Maybe HD's back then were noisier, I can't remember. My 1200 'back in the day' had a 3.5" HD stuffed inside.

I plugged it into my PC via a couple of 2.5" adaptors, WinUAE would not detect it. Western Digital diag software knew something was connected but could not do much apart from a few tests.

I left the drive running/spining for a few hours just incase it needed some run time after being (probably) sat for years not run.

Last night I plugged it into my 1200 and it booted! Half the screen is a Shell titled 'Glens-Shell' and the HD was split into about 4 partitions, names such as CODE & SCRATCH. A big of digging around (muscle memory of what to do in Workbench slowly coming back after many years of MS Windows!) I found out that it seems to be Glen Cumming's development HD. A web search gave me this thread and I dropped PROWLER a PM last night.

I have backed up the HD onto CF via pcmcia. Around 30MB. On Windows I am having problems ZIP/RAR etc because I guess the AMIGA filenames does not conform to FAT/MicroSoft - such as 'Generator_Heads_32*34*2' - it is the * I guess. Also for some reason Workbench/Storage/DOSDrivers AUX & will not compress. So the archiving progs crash/freeze. I have tried WinRAR & 7-ZIP.

I guess I can load WinUAE and mount the CF card, then LHA the directories within WinUAE. I will then have a LHA file of the HD that I cam email (it will be around 16MB). - could do it on the 1200, but I can crank up CPU on WinUAE for quicker archiving.


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