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Thanks Lentivector, I'll look into it.

SOTB3, NZ Story and XP8 seemed to work fine in emulator, so I'll take a closer look at them to see if it was my fault.

Cool Spot and Global Gladiators have already been removed from the next release due to a previous report.

With XP8 I included the AGA version so I can roll back to the OCS version if needed.

I didn't have any luck with VK2 (so far as I know it's simply unplayable on stock CD32) but I'm not sure about VK deluxe, any idea what the difference is and where to get it from?

It could be a memory issue on doman, there's a couple of things I can do to squeeze a tiny bit more memory. I'll see what I can do.

Shaq Fu has a "two button" mode in the options, but it crashes whenever I access it. I may submit a WHDLoad bug report.

Street Rod 1-2 seemed to be playable with just joystick, is there something in particular that it requires a keyboard for? I can see if I can get full joystick support working via joy2kbd.

@kipper2k agreed re: fastmem, I have no idea why Commodore didn't include any. Even a couple of meg would have made a port of Doom perfectly viable.
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