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That’s my test report of your compilation played in a real stock cd32:
You could eliminate Cool spot, Global gladiators, XP8, SOTB3 and New zeland story; they didn’t start or have some problems.
Evil dawn is a shit! Sorry for that…
Doman I think has a game protection, the language is too hard to understand what happen, but at the end of the first stage it reboot.
Shaq fu, runs but do not recognize any pad button
Street rod 1 and 2: keyboard required…I have it but is in contrast to the concept of the compilation, it is right?

Virtual Karting runs at full speed: could you try with VK deluxe or VK2 (I don’t remember the difference and if they require more memory to start)?
XTR is fully playable (with dithering) in full screen at 2x2 pixel and half screen with 1x2 pixel!
Rally championship is better in a real cd32 respect to winUAE probably because it’s too fast in the emulator!
Bratwurst is a 2-4 player game that is not so bad but I confused it with Rocket’z that is better. There is another PD game that could be funny to play in a cd32, I think the name is Speed and it is a 3d labyrinth game, but I’m not sure…
That’s it, I hope this report could be useful. Waiting for the next release!
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