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Akira - most demos did not mention it, but do it
You will realize, when you run the demo and have a RTG system installed. Hey, evel Euskal party invitations have a RTG support build-in!

Burseg - im pretty good aware of the limitation of the cripled EC 24bit adressing, thats why i mention, that it have to be awailable only when there is selected a real 020+

Toni Wilen -
68020+ Amigas still can have "24-bit" fast RAM
Well, maybe something that obscure realy exists, and no dubt about it, its teoreticaly possible (altrought i remembering something, but that was a old A500, that when you installed the typical FakeFastRam under keyboard, then you cant instal the real fast ram on the CPU slot at left...

Well, cut the cheese - lets face it, there is no possible reason (since under emulation all the "ram" is same fast) to anyone want 24bit fastram - lest force 32bit fastram, when come to nonEC 020+ cpus and - Burseg was right - even 64MB will be fine (i curently using only 32MB and its fine) - or128 - it IMHO did nto matter, do it?
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