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Well, the harddisk emulation is not bad, tought far from perfect. Toni into readme claims that the FFS is not perfect - thats true, but i never ever experienced the "not refreshed directory" problem, witch i experiencing on UAE - but no biggie, i can do refresh manually
Whats more sad is, that the emulation dont accept some FFS parameters
Let me explain. I modified my S-S to dont load ENV: files (OS prefs and def icons) into ram, where assigning then the ENV: directory.
Instead, i assign the ENV just to the directory, where it is stored permanently, preventing the copying of many small files, resulting into faster system boot.

I was very badly surprised, when this dont work on WinUAE. Since i keep every adressing relative, i tought that transfering my OS will be a piece of coke and im spendt many hours trying to understand, WTF is wrong with my OS, why he dont want to read its prefs, whats going on, and such...

Just instead of this:
MakeDir RAM:T RAM:Clipboards RAM:ENV RAM:ENV/Sys

use this:
MakeDir RAM:T RAM:Clipboards
Assign >NIL: ENV: :Prefs/Env-Archive

...and see, what things can get wrong :eek
Toni, can you please look at it? Thx...
Use my system as testing one
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