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Otherwise an emulated EC020 amiga can't have more than 2+8+1 ram which it not the case with real amigas.
68EC020 have only 24-bit address bus. 2^24 = 16 777 216 = 16MB max address space. Lower 9MB can be RAM, rest is reserved for custom chips, max ~1.8MB "slow" RAM autoconfig area, Kickstart ROM etc..

I think it would be possible to have extra ~1-1.5MB of RAM at "empty" space between custom chips and KS ROM but that can't be too useful..

Just allow, pretty please, more that 8MB of fastram, when user select a 68020
It is not so simple. 68020+ Amigas still can have "24-bit" fast RAM at 0x200000-0x800000 and 32-bit RAM at anywhere KS's autoconfig decided to locate it which means UAE needs another fast RAM config option for 32-bit Z2 RAM = more confused users

Edit: fixed RAM amounts..

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