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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Wanted (Crack Intro) by Vision Factory & Beyonders ->

A500 (most common) ... strange dots/lines -> pic.1

Another Intro (Intro) by Savage ->

A500 (most common) ... one pixel/star seems static -> pic.2

A New Modem Import - Pot of Fun (Intro) by Symbiosis ->

A500 (most common) ... some glitches -> pic.3 (Note: On 0.5 chip ram it looks different !!!)
All confirmed.

Curious (40k Intro) by Abyss ->

A500 (most common) ... broken !!! (works fine in 2.7.0)
"broken" isn't very good explanation. I guess you meant it crashing in some semi random point?
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