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Toni, well, i do NOT want to confuse anyone
Just allow, pretty please, more that 8MB of fastram, when user select a 68020+
Limit it to 128MB and map it to $08 000 000 - $10 000 000
Thats all. It dont confuse anyone, at least i hope so!
Do you think that this is good idea?

Ah, im sorry, yes, EC is 040 W/O everything, just like cripled 24bit adreses of EC020 and 030 cpus... T
he 040 CPUs (actually, 060 too, just 030 is diferent) is sorted that way:

68040 - full, including FPU/MMU
68LC040 - no FPU only (EC aka EConomic), sadly i have 2 that ones, 33Mhz, want it? For free...
68EC040 - no FPU and MMU (LC aka LowCost - crap )

...but the suggestion for EC come from conclusion, that LC040 have an active MMU too... (tought Thomas R. have to fix for me (and others too, ofcourse) one bug to make the MMU init work on LC040 ones, but thats betatesting ) ...witch UAE very sadly lacking off...

So, the very most precise naming for WinUAE is:

...but maybe you can add also just the EC040 - no fpu - tought it probably did not make much sense...
...just as another suggestion - what about to report an FPU as 68882? IIRC 68881 dont difer from 68882, its just slower - but feel free to prove me wrong

Akira - true, but - shitie? :eek
And actually, every the modern ones, starting as long ago, as 1997, using RTG, when available
And with not bad results, at least on decent Z3 bus and fast GFX card (CV64 (not 3D!) or PIV recommended - CV64 is actually faster, when come to pure writing speed, thanks to the chip is a VLBUS one, witch dont need the Zorro2PCI bridge, cause VLBUS is quite similar to Zorro ).
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