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Originally Posted by SaphirJD View Post
Elektroboy Inside from Smoke... There is one specific scene near the end of the demo which is full of graphical glitches..
It is AGA and even worse than "real" AGA demo, boring C2P stuff with Amiga display hardware working as a dummy display output device only and most of the effects are CPU powered. (Easy test: it usually looks like pixel soup and hardware requirements are very heavy)

Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
What conditions need to be fulfilled in order to be found on below list (see pic.) ?
I don't really know, I have added maybe 3 or so lines..

What are the chances to see myself on the list in the next WinUAE revision ?
It is not zero

Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
continuation from ->

Skull - First Intro (Intro) by Traitors ->

A500 /KS1.2/0.5 Chip/ ... two static pixels -> pic.1
Fixed. OCS only. ECS has those pixels.

Goodie (Crack Intro) by Quartex ->

A500 /KS1.2/0.5 Chip/ ... strange behaving -> pic.2
It is correct, it is ugly looking lens effect.
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