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Originally Posted by juanmoreira View Post
Thank you, alenppc. That sounds good. However, what you get is a stretched 600x200 (NTSC) resolution, instead of the regular 600x256 resolution from the PAL Amiga, right? Or do you get the full 600x256 resolution even in a NTSC monitor model? (of course, using RGB)

If you want 100% correct game displays for all Amiga games and apps then the best thing for you is a multi region TV that will allow all games to work correctly (PAL/NTSC). Seeing as you are in the US the prices for you are good seeing as shipping costs would be low

start your search here...

if you can, find one with scart input and buy a scart cable from Amigakit. even a TV with Svideo input is good.

Don't mess around with the cheap ebay display adapters, they don't come close.
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