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Greetings from Melbourne, Australia

Hi. I just signed up as a user here and wanted to present myself.

I'm fairly new to Amiga. After starting to listed to a podcast that played a lot of game and demo music from old platforms and seeing some Amiga demos (demos mentioned in the podcast) I got inspired and bought an Amiga 500. My collection of Amiga related gadgets has swelled considerably since then...

During the mid 90s I got hold on some demos and I was so impressed of how much they managed to squeeze out from the computers. And it looked cool. I started to write my own graphics routines and create some basic demo effects in a mix of Pascal and Assembler (Pascal for the 'logic' and Assembler for the graphic routines) on PC. I also like old games. I had a NES when I was growing up and I can still enjoy a good NES game. I've also played a lot of old PC games. Either games I used to play back in the days or games I found later.

Even if I never had an Amiga when I was younger, I think the step is not that far getting into Amigas nowdays considering that I like old games and demo programming. I do want to learn to program in 68k assembler and I'm hoping that I one day might be able to create my own demo that I can present at a demo party. I like the idea of squeezing out as much as possible from a finite amount of hardware resources. It's not like the PC where you don't have to program efficiently, you can upgrade if your program is slow.
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