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Originally Posted by Grazey View Post
Hi Galahad?

Do you still intend to use the ST YM2149 music?

If so I can give you source to play the YMST WTSS file I created for you on the D-Bug forum.

Let us know as I'll crossDOS the disk over from my trusty A1200.

I replied back to you on D-Bug

Sorry for the delay buddy, time on other stuff, but i've made a lot more progress on this in such a short time that its nearly ready for release.

Yes, would love your YM code if you could. Still got the WTSS tune you uploaded to me before, but the YM bin file that MyST uses, theres no documentation on how to use it, so i've kind of come up against a brick wall there, so any help you can provide would be great.

Would love the option of having real 1:1 ST music conversion for completeness.
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