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Okey, dokey, but for Amiga, about 128MB of ram at max is enought, so, its not need for Z3 ram because of "very large sizes"

And futhermore, fastram is more common for Amiga users

...not to mention that Z3 adresspace is a little bit obscure

And im sorry, i trying to conconstructive, did not i pointed out interesting and very easily fixable quirks?
And please dont tell me, that im trying to do something, for what is not WinUAE designed to - its just nonsens. Everybody have into Amiga fastram.
No-one Z3 expansion ram, or WTF it is
So, allowing us a little bit more of fastram, when 020+ is used - its not that crazy or abusive, it is?
Then im sorry!
...but do you planing to correct the mistakes, like reporting the 68EC040 as 68040, well?
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