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Mr.Wright, your credentials are well known

I'd be honoured if you'd do anything for this project

The only reason I want a 1:1 conversion of the tune is so people can actually realise 'Wow, thats not great', and then they select a (hopefully) Amiga'ised tune in place of it, and then they go "yeah, now thats the shiznit!"

So, in essence, i'm grateful and happy for ANY contributions whatsoever, if the Spectrum version is truly better, then a conversion of that would be welcome,

EDIT: Just listened to the Spectrum version, and it is indeed better, instruments have a bit more life about them, the ST version really is quite bland to listen to.

But either way, i'd love two mods, one thats a conversion and one thats balls out Amiga in whatever way you want it to sound.

Damn, this project potentially just got a whole lot better

And a message to Lielo, yes please if you want to contribute as well, i'm more than happy for you to
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