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Originally Posted by lantus360 View Post
hooked up mine last night. I am having no luck at all with my ACA500 on my revision 5 Kickstart 1.3 Motherboard.

used a pencil eraser and IPA and nothing.

but 2 things ive noticed

1) connecting an ACA1232 sometimes gets me to the boot screen, but its about a 1/5 chance. And even then it wont boot to CF. Its only happened a few times.

2) without the ACA1232 connected it just gives me a black screen. Sometimes the power light is on, sometimes its not. Either way it doesnt work.

incidently, i gotta say, the connector solder points have been done by hand and quite frankly have done a horrible job. Look at the bits of solder just lingering on the board. Ive tried cleaning them away but still nothing. I suspect a bad solder joint or two is the reason why my board isnt working.

While visually untidy I dont think those solder joints are an issue, if you just used some IPA and a toothbrush it would clean right up. Once you've done that then use a multimeter in continuity mode to confirm there are no slivers of solder connecting any of the pins together (there are one or two I can see that look a tiny bit suspect but hard to be certain).
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