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ACA500 tested

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Pencil eraser is the best thing - can't do anything wrong with that.

As for the HxC floppy emulator thing: I think it just proves that it's not a proper emulation. It works with real drives (to my knowledge: all brands), and that gives a hint at "we're seeing a problem after installing the ACA500". Note that this does not say anything about causality - the problem has probably always been in the floppy emulator, and it's showing only now that there's the slightest change in timing behaviour of the A500.

Besides, the floppy emulator is not really needed any more if you have an ACA500 - a real floppy drive is good enough for the few times that you ever need the drive. To stay with the car metaphor: There's no need for a cassette adapter for your portable CD-player if you have an MP3 player installed.


I'm not assigning blame but this is odd considering I've tested the HxC with floppy boot selectors, kippers ram cards, non-auto config ram cards, Mika's cf-IDE, kippers ram+cf-IDE boards, 1.2, 1.3 (inc patched) and 3.1 roms on my Rev6a ECS board (which has been 1mb chip ram modded and then un-modded) and not found any compatibility problems.

I'd be interested to know if the reported issue is happening on say only a rev5 board?

I plan to buy an aca500 myself to play with but I've just moved states and all my Miggie's are in storage while I find a house to rent (in a good old furnished unit ATM). Anyhow I'll hopefully be able to test this combo in a few months and report back.
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