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Originally Posted by BackSpace View Post
Hello everyone,

don't know if it's my graphic drivers or WinUae bug so could you confirm this ? Demo involved : Rink A Dink Redux (party and final version have same glitch)

Tested on latest WinUae Beta with QS config (A500 / 1.3 ROM, OCS, 512 KB Chip + 512 Slow RAM (most common)).

Graphic glitch occurs only in fullscreen mode with the "demon" picture.
In fullscreen there is glitch in the right part of the picture, not in windowed mode (see attachments).

Anyway thanks for all the work done on Winuae.
Because configs are different, config and log files are always needed. (also "last beta" does not really say much..)

EDIT: good test is to save state in windowed mode, boot in fullscreen and load the state, does something change? (and vice versa)

Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Skeletors First (Demo) by Cult ->

A500 (most common) ... pic.1 (p.s. It seems I missed this earlier somehow.)
Left edge lines? Yes, it is exactly right.
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