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Bootay - sorry to say, but im affraid, that when WinUAE crash, its a problem with it and how it like or dont extended resident rom modules, witch AOS 3.9 bb2 use extensively
So, its not a usualy fault of program, when it crash?
Well, the culprit can be my machine, why not, but unless i experiencing other crashes and slow-downs, you cant convice me about it. My machine - damn - just runs fine and well. So, what it can be?

Twistin'Ghost - altrought you reacted IMHO bad after the Galahad request for banning me, i mave to generaly agree with you - no-one should know, how stupid is a person and what crap he have on his machine, what "eating" his performace.
But since even when my machine is mostly LOADED with running apps, i selecting then VERY carefully, dont installing any Spyware programs and such DivX things (ffd show rules) - i getting CPU usge around 0-6%...
So, IMHO it means, that the machine is configured well and dont have any problems, right?

Bootay - about - quite OT, but - Spyvare and IE - most of their tricks how to get installed "something" on your machine works only into IE, so, at least partly, IE can be blamed for allowing such things, like downloading and executing programs just with one simple click or mis-click!
Thats bad.
Using Opera or Mozzila you mostly get rid of this - but there is even better solution - do NOT surf into net areas, where ugly things like that grow - generally its all crack/***** and porno sites
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