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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
You cant just throw that in. Its like saying my car doesn't rev right with this engine I bought from a different manufacturer.
Well, to be fair, he's not specifically asking Jens to fix it.
He's just pointing out the issue.

With your car metaphor, its fine to ask that question on a generic forum.
Just don't expect the car manufacturer to answer it... ;-)

Now, other people reading that forum might say "Hey, I have that combination and I did this!."

Or maybe the company who made the engine is reading the forum too, and they might reply?

And it's even possible (though I wouldn't be on it), that the car manufacturer might say "you know, we're aware of that, and it might be related to the carburetor."

It's not right to expect Jens to fix it, but it seems like it's a valid post in a forum not on the manufacturer's website. ;-)

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