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Update 22/01/14

Now taking suggestions for layout. If anyone has extensions leads they can bring please let me know as I will need to buy some otherwise.

I was thinking a layout like this:

Food & Drink will probably stay in the Kitchen depending on how big the venue is.

So Systems would be setup all around the outside of the gaming area with some storage in the middle for boxes/etc.

Of course we can change things on the day, I'm going to pop down and double check the facilities before the event.

I'm hoping some of us can get in a little early to start setting up

As said before if you are bringing kit please makes sure you bring everything you need to get it up and running, 4/6 gang surge protectors, mice keyboards, screens, etc. Oh and some Games to play on them!

I'll be running the projector setup with tournies like Puzzle Bobble, Bomberman, Street Fighter II, etc throughout the day, I'll probably run my Sega Saturn, Sega MDII/32X setup and Philips CDI for some Mad Dog action! Be great to get some PC Engine Shooter action on the big screen at some point too!

I'll need at least 2 tables for other my setups, each table I guess will take 2 machines, there may be room for more. I'm displaying A4000, A1200, Neo Geo MVS, Micro AmigaOne and Amstrad CPC464/Spectrum +3/128 on the Amstrad Screen, maybe switching to my A500+ in the PM.

I'll have some backup machines such as my C64/SMS/NES/N64. I'll probably bring along some of my handheld's too if we want a little handheld gaming section.
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