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As i stated somewhere around the "teaching Toni W., how Amiga memory allocation SHOULD be made", Z3 fastram is a not much used thing, and its not true, that CPU have a fast acess to it - the acess go trought Z3 bus, what slow-things down considerably.

Thats why it never get used.
ppls should use fastram - but since you can set only 8MB of it (even you emulating full 68020 or 68EC040 (emulator needs a correction there) ), what is not enought, its curently the only one way to do it - unless Toni W. take my recommendations seriously enought and change the max. 8MB of fast to max. 128MB of fast, with priority +30 and also report it at proper 32bit fastram - because programs (some of these) use even chipram, when see slow-fastmem...

Then come time, when you should change your recommendations
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