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Re: Sega Games

Let's quote Ali G again

[Sega games]Are cool, but if you base your console (Whoever makes it) on 5 minute wham, bam, thank you mam arcade fest's the console is doomed to fail.
Hello? Phantasy Star Online? Grandia 2 The DC really had quite a lot of neatos for the more thinking person, and the replay value of many of its arcade titles make it more than just 5 minutes of fun. DC is the machine for me because I'm more of an arcade player. Keep in mind a lot of people don't have the time to sit for hours and play an RPG, like me, even if I like them. If I had to pay one RPG, it'd take me a whole year finishing it or something, given the free time I get.

The Dreamcast has some great games, but aside from Shenmue weren't all Sega games of the Arcade type (ie Last a little over five minutes and then it's over)
Again, I put two examples above, and Shenmue is teh worst of them all. I have never seen such a boring game. It's pathetic. You are much better playing Grandia 2 than that tech demo they call a game. Dragon's Lair syndrome all over. It really is technically amazing, but that's yer lot. scratch teh surface and you'll find nothing.

If Sega concentrated a little harder on games like Shenmue, maybe the Dreamcast would still be a strong player and not on the sidelines like it is now.
Thank god they didn't

Sega DO make great games, in fact they have made some of the greatest ever IMO, but after the huge success of the Mega Drive marketing campaign (Here in the UK at least) they either thought they owned the market and rested on their lorrals or they simple lost the plot when it came to advertising.
Sega, liek most great companies (read: commodore, Atari) have terribly FAILED in the Marketing field. A real shame. You know, Atari was always a step beyond everyone else technology-wise, but their idiotic marketing er.. 'techniques', made them lose the market. They were the first to make a cd-rom, fer pete's sake

Either way it's brought about the demise of this once great company and now I've heared recently that Micro$oft is probably going to buy them out.
If this DOES happen, I'll be fucking raving MAD.
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