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Eek LOL! Its interesting, how some ppls can reverse things!

RCK - as you can read for yourself, i was only reacting to the rude and offensive post of "Amigaboy" - and its enought to get blamed and flamed by many onthers, including the worsest Galahad/FLT boy, so, i think thats fine to say from me to them - Fuck yourselfs, assholes.
Its not a proper reaction? IMHO is it. They attacking me, just because i come to ask some questions and get some answers. Oh, im sorry, its because i say "suxx" - oh, how terrible from me
Its just my expression from the WinUAE performace and compatibility and its nothing rude to what i should deserve that attack against me.
SO, if there are someone asking for a ban from the forum (witch can be, very simply usinx a anon proxy server, ineffective), i was agree. Lets ban users, who attack others w/o aparent reasons - so, the starters, to what i did not say a rude word, but what insulting me - Amigaboy and Galahad/FLT should be IMHO banned for abusing the forum, since broking all rules. I think that i dont need to quote these "words from their own very twisted minds"

TO ALL OTHERS: well, when someone have a problem, its logical that he dont see WinUAE any good, is it true? So, lets focus on the booting problem first. Boot time about 29-30sec its not good, when someone have 4sec. So, who using AOS 3.9 bb2 under WinUAE there and who have faster boot times?
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