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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
We found a bug in the save-routine - at this point it's not clear since when it's been in there. Will be fixed in the next release.
Ah, ok. I'll try the next firmware when released!

LEDs are controlled by the CF card, not by the ACA500. Maybe you had a different card installed that doesn't control the LED - there's all kinds of cards out there, and they all behave differently.
These cards are both Kingston 4GB types and were supplied by Amigakit when I ordered the ACA500 and the AUX card never flashed when accessed from day one so why it works now I have no idea. It all appears to be working, the AUX card can be read/written to in both Amiga and PC and apart from the profile issue the ACA500 is working too.

@source: +1 mate I've since found out you can disable the ACA12xx via a jumper so why not add a disable switch for the ACA12xx too and make it +2
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