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Why does the screen only center properly in OpenGL mode?

Throughout the various versions of WinUAE I've noticed how the screen is never centred properly, even with both centering options ticked. It's positioned so that you can't see the top black border during a game, or the general top blank border in WB. Also, on some games/demos, when there are sequences (such as in credits) where a graphic is displayed in the middle, it instead gets shown at the top of the screen (not like a real Amiga, then). Plus this graphic bug also affects that trick in CLI startup where the big window throws itself down and comes back up again with new stuff written in it (like in some coverdisks). Instead of showing it like it would on a real Amiga, it makes it look like it's burrowing down and shaking the screen a little bit.

Funnily enough, the graphics bugs only disappear if I use the OpenGL mode. That mode's nice and all, but I was wondering why you can't use those sliders and get the proper graphic procedures in normal mode as well???
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