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MEGA didn't work for me. Here's link

As I said I did it for myself so it lacks of make up, txt, pics etc. but it works fine. There are 17 1p games and 71 2p games. +-1 game. I think I tried them all on emulator and majority on actual CD32 and they work and don't require mouse, keyboard or extra ram. Main reason I did it is because existing well known compilation discs have so many games and half of them don't work on actual plain stock CD32. Despite so large number on discs I still have to swap disc to load my favorite cause they are not all on same compilation. Since I don't play games at least not alone since I had to sold my beloved A1200 back in 99 I focused on 2p simultaneous games. Although I added some 1p hits by personal taste. They are separated in menus. Also I didn't want to include any game that already exist as stand alone version for cd32 because theese games diserve to have it's own CD. And rip ofs are just terible when you don't have music...
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