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Try these, it's what i use for the Vampire, i think its the same height as the ACA 630. When you use them, you do not need to overtighten, just tighten them so that the head of the screw sits flush with the card...

Also, check inside the cpu socket on the card, make sure there is no bumps or plastic risers that haven't been removed completely as the CPU needs to sit right against the bottom of the socket or it will keep popping off

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I have pushed hard, real hard, as far as I think it goes. I also don't want to break the CPU. The card stays well on as long as I don't bump it or something. I cannot do the "pull the computer with the card" thing at all though.

Moving the computer in a suitcase (repeated banging) and stage audio vibration has made the accelerator snap off. Granted, these are not common uses for Amigas, so, what can I say...

If you tell me what screw set the ACA630 used I can look it up on eBay or something. This has happened already twice, and last weekend when the machine suddenly screwed up (keyboard stopped responding randomly), the only solution was to take the ACA620 out, which was quite hot to touch (a bunch of PAR lights not far from the Amiga were aimed towards the machines. It was really fucking hot).

Suffice to say this isn't normal operation conditions and whenever the card is at home, it never snaps off the socket or gives any troubles. Nobody is going to be facing these problems because nobody is using the machine the way I do. If you want to give it a try, throw your A600 with ACA620 in a checked luggage on a plane and see if it comes out of it when you open the bag up on destination, that's the only test I can provide! Or if not flying, just put it in a suitcase with wheels and move it around quite a bit. I'm not even carrying it unpadded, but the repeated rumble from a road or stuff like that is enough to make it snap out of the socket.

(I guess another test could be putting the machine on top of a woofer and set the woofer to play a low hertz signal, anything 50hz or the like)

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