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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I'm having all sorts of trouble with my ACA620, design-related.
The card will snap out of the CPU with the slightest bang or vibration to the computer. I know this changes from A600 to A600 but it is a little bit annoying. I am afraid of screwing it in place, as no instructions for this are provided officially (specially in terms of what we're supposed to buy) and my fear of the card bending if it still snaps out of the CPU while screwed onto the HD enclosure holes. (ideas?)
Push harder on the card. The socket is made with the tooling that I had made for making these "upside down" sockets - you may have seen the video that someone posted of me lifting up an A1200 board with a flickerfixer snapped on.

The ACA620 will not hold that strong because it has fewer pins, but it will not jump off like you describe. As mentioned in the manual: You may need your whole body weight to push the card on, then it will not snap off.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
The card is also prone to overheating on really hot conditions (ie: usually not in Europe :P). A room temperature of ~30 degrees will bring problems after a while.
That's not overheating - the card was developed as a 25MHz card, meaning the temperature tests were done at 30MHz CPU speed and 60MHz memory clock. I can take a few pictures with the Infrared camera of that setup if you like.

What you may be observing is contact problems (since you're describing "jumping off", which it doesn't do after proper installation), or grounding problems. The latter can be solved with the screw set that I've included with the ACA630. Before I send one of these to you, please try to push the card all the way down on the A600's CPU.

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