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Thanks @Cobe,

As @SoldierPCB points out neither Lion King nor Aladdin will work on a stock CD32 (Believe me I've tried). Since AGA games try to consume the full 2mb of memory, as I understand it there's basically no space left for the slave on top of that. The only exception to that I'm aware of is the slave for SlamTilt (and I presume Psygore pulled off some kind of coding miracle to get that to go in 2mb!)

That compilation does sound pretty good, would you be willing to let me merge your compilation into mine? I'll be happy to do all of the pics and text.

Also I'll add your suggestions into the list.

On a completely unrelated side-note, I've been playing with the recent unofficial ports from Atari ST (Gauntlet, Joust, Super Sprint etc) and they seem to work pretty well. Gauntlet requires keys to start but it works perfectly with the Joy2kbd utility (so I've mapped every required key to the CD32 joypad) so I'll definitely chuck that in the next build

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