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Originally Posted by Cobe View Post
Great work! If you're still concidering adding games I loved PPHammer but it requiers keyboard. Also it would be fabulous if anyone could get Aladdin and Lion King to work on cd32. They work on plain A1200 from disks. It shouldn't be impossible to get them work on cd32. Also as I tried Capital punishment works but also requiers keyboard.
Btw I've done for myself one compilation(nearley 90 games) mostly containing 2p simultaneous games that don't require keyboard, mouse or expansion and don't exist version for cd32. I didn't add pics and txt. If anyone's interested I guess I could upload it somewhere. But I added option from menu to loadWB and access some more games. So I doubt that it's probably against some copyright?
Aladdin does not work for a couple of reasons the .slave requires too much ram and if you have enough ram it runs into the same fault as Global Gladiators and Cool Spot. It crashes when loading.

Aladdin could run if someone makes an RNC Loader version of it and fixes the memory crash.

Lion King would probably run if an RNC Loader version was made, it works if you have more ram.
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