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mr grissom
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new here although not to amigas.

used amigas for about 6 years from 1988 until 1994-ish.
so its been 20 years since i used them.
i originally had an a500 with 1 meg upgrade and extra floppy drive and hundreds of disks.
moved onto 1200 when they came out about had 80 meg hd and 8 meg memory.
hardrives were in there infancy then not many people had them.
used to attend a club called ghost riders for a few years swapping disks so forth.
up until i got rid of the amigas i had about 1500 disks there abouts,i was a big gamer back in them days.
so ive recently got a 1200 gifted from a friend,bog standard 2 meg chip ram not upgrades.

got myself a cf card and adaptor to use classic workbench.

ive used winuae for years,i say years but only when i fancy playing a game or 2.

im pretty much confident using winuae and setting up classic workbench.
but im having trouble with the cf card which is a kingston 8 gig.ive looked round interweb and people are using these without problems.
but im having trouble its ok in winuae environment i can set it up and play games with whdload perfectly.

my stumbling block is actually the amiga itself.
ive diskparted it in windows.and placed into amiga with relevant connections.

but the amiga will not see it what so ever,yes its placed in correctly i checked.

i also have problems in winuae by the way it will not partition correctly,im using alot of guides which all seem to do same thing.set partitions up but when i try to save setting it gives me errors,carnt save settings blah blah.
i think most will not what i mean.

i dont pretend to be an expert at win programs so forth,or in no way do i know how to program.
but im fairly decent in alot of programs on pc.

my 1200 is running 3.0 rom.could that be the problem should i be on 3.1.
any help id appreciate to get it running.

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