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I met one of the guys who founded Alive Mediasoft, a man named Andrew Reed and I found him to be a genuinely decent bloke when I met back in 2000. He co-founded Alive Mediasoft with a man named Steven Flowers - the real shady character of Alive Mediasoft. I didn't meet him as by then Andrew had started a new Amiga company called Crystal Interactive and was publishing Bubble Hero's. He resigned from Alive Mediasoft when he found out Steven Flowers had been taking his misses on holiday with Andy's money which was supposed to be for the business. This guy conned a lot of people out of a lot of money and I can guarantee that it was him who was offering up Putty Squad when he didn't have the rights! The guy's a con-man pure and simple! The author of Blade isn't much of a fan of him either:

So when you talk about 'Alive Mediasoft' you should actually be talking about Steven Flowers.

I bet this makes for some interesting reading right here:

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