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website or database with game configs?

although i emulate amiga using winuaex for xbox i still think this question is best asked here. when running games on my xbox i have configs present and some games which are included when launched says game config found would you like to use settings and this is fine. problem is that some games which are not present in the config ie: "shadow of the third moon" well it's a bit of a hit or miss figuring out which configuration is the right one.
theres various kickstart, chipset, memory size, pal/ntsc and so on options it can take trying out lots of different variations to get a game working and sometimes if the game is incompatible or bad dump and the fact i'm an amiga noob then it's a losing battle lol.
what i was hoping for was if there was a dedicated amiga/winuae website which documents what settings each game uses so i can use the info as a reference for the more tricky games. once the game is running fine then the emulator saves the config for future gaming.
any help would be great guys. sometimes finding the right config can be as tricky as some of the great games in the amiga library

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