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Originally Posted by nittamituaki View Post
BTW, I want to know André's IQ.
At least it is 2 times higher than me.
Then you have an IQ of 61...

I agree to Sandro.
And consider: As a creator of a game you know the gameplay very well and you have some lots of experience automatically. Therefore, the risk is great that you design the levels too difficult. My games are a bit too hard for this reason, it's my fault - not because I have a high IQ.

Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Do you have any clue how many boxes of the original Enemy was sold?
Oh, millions of copies, and now I'm sitting on the beach of Ibiza for the rest of my life and enjoy my wealth.

Okay, joke.
In 1997 the golden era of Amiga was over, the game Enemy came too late to the market. I do not know the exact number, maybe 300 units have been sold.

So you're the owner of a rare collectible, Predseda.
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