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Originally Posted by arti040 View Post
PS: what is "IDE driver update"?
It may read like your updating your drivers, but you don't have to put a file on some card or anything.

What it means is "Use latest IDE drivers". Simply, drivers that came after kick 3.1 (built into the Flash software of the ACA500) and are better.

There's no downside to using them, you will just get better support and faster speeds. Maybe 3K more memory is used or something.

Originally Posted by Ath_SGL View Post
Hi from Athens
I have bought ACA500 and have the same problem like you: How can I have all 2 MB fast memory booting with 1.3 on board the A500 rom?
How did you find the solution?
The only solution is to have a 1.3 ROM in your A500 and turn off MapROM. This will make your ACA500 run a few percent slower.

Having a 3.1 ROM in your A500 and turning off MapROM also leaves 2MB ACA500 FastRAM free.

NOTE that (in both cases) you must turn off the Aux slot if you want the full 2MB. When an Aux card is inserted, it uses 300KB FastRAM extra. Without a card you can leave it on, then it uses only 11KB FastRAM.

(If the reason for wanting to use all the 2MB FastRAM is for WHDLoad, note that WHDLoad will work fine with 1.2MB FastRAM, and that full 2MB will not make games "preload" from Workbench. 2.5MB FastRAM is required to make WHDLoad games preload from Workbench.)

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