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Originally Posted by lukassid View Post
Commodore went crazy in late 80' early 90' no doubt about that. To the point it looked like interior sabotage.

Shame on Freescale that they made 68060 so expensive it couldn't compete with ARM. It's actually hard to believe that those chips are still in production. Of course nobody sane is going to pay asking price. They should make last 1000 and give to Amiga community, as we are last people who get excited by 68060 Superscalar CPU.
I don't think they are still in production, I don't think they've been manufactured for a looooong time. The only reason you can still buy them is because they've got a big pile of NOS that they keep on hand for the Military. The reason they are so expensive is because they don't really care about selling them to Joe Public.

Would loved to have seen an updated 68060 with a big bump in clock speed and larger caches, that would have been cool

Our best chance these days is FPGA or some similar magic.

There was also a discussion on here somewhere about building an accelerator card around a 300Mhz ColdFire and using an FPGA to fill in the 'missing pieces', God only knows if that's feasible
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