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Originally Posted by stachu100 View Post

You have Apollo 1260 060@80MHz RAM@40MHz, NovaCoder has Blizzard 1260 060@80MHz RAM@80MHz. So having FAST RAM two times slower than Nova, you will always get worse performance no matter what. Sorry.

As you know, I've been lucky enough to own both

Yes the Blizzard is a little quicker than the Apollo for really demanding games but there's not much in it.

I wish I'd kept my Apollo, it would have been interesting to see if it could have gone all the way up to 100Mhz

Originally Posted by Reido View Post
So I've got 106 MIPS on SysSpeed, however Quake 2 is jerky (playable tho) compared to the super smooth vids of play Nova posted on youtube. zDoom and Quake are both fast and smooth. Could this be my particular Quake 2 files that aren't right? I'm using RemApollo according to the startup sequence posted above and have registered HSMaths. Any ideas?
It could be your HD transfer rate, Quake 2 moves a lot of data around (even during the game). What kind of HD speed are you getting in SysSpeed?

You should download my 80Mhz Apollo SysSpeed module from AmiNet and do a comparison with your system to see what's different.

Update: Just had a thought, also check your AHI settings (see the AmiQuake 2 readme for details)

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