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Problem with creating HDFs on 2.7

Hi I have had strange problems creating new HDFs since upgrading to 2.7.
For me this does not affect 2.6.1 or any earlier version i have worked with.

If i create a simple hardfile in 2.7 for amiga 1200 emultion it is not recognised in workbench.

Looking at amiga early startup control it shows as
Enabled - DH0 priority 0 0000 uaehf-0

If i create a hdf in 2.6.1 or earlier it shows up in workbench ready to format and early startup control would show as

Enabled - DH0 priority 0 ADOS uaehf-0

Here is a simple test i did to compare 2.7 and 2.6

Quickstart - Model A1200 - 4mb fastram expanded config - Set Configuration

ROM Kickstart 3.1

Harddrives - Add Hardfile -
Hd controller UAE (default)

Typed 50 in the MB box then hit create. everything else is left as defaults. set name as try.hdf

this creates me a hardfile R/W, bootable, priority 0 - , 1,2,32,512 - pretty standard stuff.

On floppy drives im inserting a workbench 3.1 disk.

Following these steps on 2.6 provides me with a DH0:NDOS ready to format.
Following the same steps in 2.7 there is no drive recognised by workbench.

Im running on windows 7 x64. the uae versions im trying are just the standard zips off I always create a winuae.ini so my amiga setups are pathed to the relative folder.

Very likely im jsut having a real bad day with this and missing a simple option or change.... would someone mind trying a quick test to replicate this please and tell me where im going wrong with 2.7?

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