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Originally Posted by lukassid View Post
As we got miles off topic here I might as well ask why Motorola stopped 68k development? Is that because Apple switched to PPC or 68060 is a max what it could be done on that architecture?
I think they had already decided themselves that PPC was "the future", and I can see where they were coming from, the question really should be why did Intel stick with x86? And the short answer is that PCs everywhere depended on continuing compatibility so it would have been business suicide to abandon it.

Of course in theory 68k could have kept up with x86, but there was no incentive to do so. The sort of things 68k was typically used in - embedded systems, industrial uses and of course macs, weren't upgradeable in the same way, you just bought a new system and that was that.

Amigas really should have had higher-end 68k chips from the beginning, the A500+ could have had a 68EC020 easily, they were already 7 years old by then. 68000 released in 1979 and still used in a new computer in 1991! Crazy!
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