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ok some new hardware acquired!

A4000 040/25mhz and RTG (radeon 9250 w Mediator 4000d) - working with CGX flag for me. Did not need to make a new mode for it to run either.

FPS is terrible. 4-5fps. Im using an A3640 board and i guess the lack of FAST memory cripples it. Still performance should be better. I tested StrifeAGA on the same setup and its running smoother at around 10fps. ADoom runs even better.

A1230 030/42mhz - untested yet. I did a straight swap of this board into my A1200 but it was complaining about the mathieee libraries - i have a blizzard 1260 in there previously and HSMathLibs so ill need to get past that.

i will take a closer look at performance this weekend

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