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Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
Why wasn't there a 68050, was it cancelled?
From wiki:
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There was no 68050, though at one point it was a project within Motorola. Odd-numbered releases had always been reactions to issues raised within the previous even numbered part; hence, it was generally expected that the 68050 would have reduced the 68040's power consumption (and thus heat dissipation), improved exception handling in the FPU, used a smaller feature size and optimized the microcode in line with program use of instructions. Many of these optimizations were included with the 68060 and were part of its design goals. For any number of reasons, likely that the 68060 was in development, that the Intel 80486 wasn't progressing as quickly as Motorola assumed it would, and that 68060 was a demanding project, the 68050 was cancelled early in development.
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