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I spoke to him today about it. He was sure it was in that archive. Is it not YM2149.bin?

Originally Posted by Distribution.txt
YM2149.bin 40232 The standalone binary for coders
From what I can tell you probably don't need the YM music file as that is already incorporated inside the ST game. All you need is the emulator and where to patch the existing music routine which would have written to the YM registers.

Originally Posted by Myst.txt
Myst consists of two main programs : a player compatible with EaglePlayer and DeliTracker, and a binary file which just generate Amiga sounds depending on the state of the emulator registers.
Originally Posted by Myst.txt
You just needed to copy the values sent by the ST replay to the YM2149 in an emulator buffer, and the emulator used these values to generate the correct soundto emulate a replay, you need to patch a few bytes to copy registers values into the emulator buffer instead of accessing directly the YM2149
Not much to go on, I'll ask for some more details if you like?

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