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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
I don't know if this is of any use but a long time ago Amiga & Atari coder Mr.STYCKX (aka Nicolas Pomarede) wrote a YM2149 emulator for the Amiga and his archives include the musics from "Where time Stood Still". He is still active in the Atari scene and co-maintains the Atari emulator Hatari.

The main MyST archive includes the YM2149.bin which works with 68000 and details in the DOC directory of how to use it.

Data Set 4 contains the Fred Gray music to WTSS (YM2149/Misc/YM.WhereTimeStoodStill)

Ok at 20% utilisation of a standard 68k it may be a little slow for use with A500 but still potentially a fun and easy implementation for accelerated Amiga's?
Thanks for that, I might well see if its implementable, and if it is, have it as an additional selectable thing for 68020+ users.

Hopefully someone who shall remain nameless is doing something that will take up less processor time, just waiting for him to let me know its done
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