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It seems in b1 Silents-Maximum Velocity works, but other 2 dont !!!

p.s. Silents-Maximum Velocity also works in last test winuae 2014.01.06. ... but not in new b2.

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
EDIT: It is caused by "- Modified interrupt delays, handle situation where (broken)..." fix in b1.
Yeah, probably ... as I was tested everything from "Already fixed demos" category and was working fine ... but in some test version before b1 !!!

EDIT: Yes, I found it ... the last winuae test version (before beta1) where everything from "Already fixed" category still works fine is ->
WinUAE 2.7.1 (Public Beta 0, 2013.12.30) from 2013.12.31 22:00 (Note: In case somebody missed this version I still have it.)

Probably after some major changes is done in WinUAE it will be enough only to test/check those demos from "Already fixed" category on the 1st page from "Problematic demos" thread ... and they really are not many ...
(a little shame that it looks as nobody is interested or didnt noticed any change by now ... but for those who would like to have an accurate amiga emulation, unfortunately without your help too it will be impossible to achieve.)

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